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The Circular Living Co.

Cedar Later - Whipped Deodorant 2.3oz

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An effective non-toxic and plastic-free deodorant that's bangin' for your body and bitchin' for the planet.  The cedar later scent features a woodsy, restoring, cleansing and uplifting blend of organic juniper, grapefruit, and wildcrafted cedarwood essential oil. Nourishing organic plant oils support skin barrier function. Baking soda and organic arrowroot neutralize odor and absorb wetness, keepin' you feelin' fresh and chemical-free.

Free of aluminum/propylene glycol/parabens/phthalates/triclosan/talc/mineral oil/ phenoxyethanol/synthetic fragrances/tea & dea/benzyl benzoate/artificial dyes/ cylototrasiloxane/isoeugenol/benzyl salicylate/palm-oil/zinc ricinoleate/gmo's/ propanediol/petrolatum/hydrogenated oils/dimethicone/potassium alum/plastic.