3-Year Reflection

3-Year Reflection

Three years ago I set out to create a new type of shopping experience, one centered around spreading earth love. Over time, our collection grew from a handful of favorites to include over sixty brands, with the central tenet of all being support for our local community or our earth.  Inspired by Yancey Strickler in his book: This Could Be Our Future, I aimed to be intentional about how I value my business. Looking back in review, these are the stats that I’m most proud of: 

Present 3-Year Business Analysis

*all data represents business metrics from November '20 - November '23

Links from Graphic: 

Present will undergo a major transition in 2024, but I aim to continue helping our community connect with nature and spreading earth love. Moving forward I’m leaning less into reselling and even more into building intentionally.  My focus for next year will be producing more Present Designs, tabling at local events, streamlining online offerings, expanding into more sustainable upcycling via Present Pre-Loved + sharing my entrepreneurial learnings through Guides. Our brand partners are being honed to a handful of core collaborators, and I’m flexing my maker muscles more everyday. 

I’ll share more about this evolution of Present in the coming weeks but in reflection, I’m so proud of all we’ve accomplished and look forward to many bright days ahead!

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If you're thinking about embarking on your own retail endeavor, I've gathered my business learnings into a couple of handy templates to help explore the feasibility of a dream retail business - check them out if you're early on your entrepreneurial path and could use a little guidance. 

Thanks for joining Present's journey! 

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