Author, Jackie Wright, with her twin sister and niece

My Values

Going to keep this one short and sweet.

When my twin sister, Kaitie, and I started goal planning in 2016, we started by listing out our values. We've continued goal planning at least annually, with these as our north star.

But as we've grown and evolved, so to have our values. So this year for our birthday, we did a Self Awareness workshop together, to hone in on our sense of self and to help understand each other (and our communication styles) more deeply. One of the exercises we partook was refreshing our Values List. 

As I continue to share my thoughts on small business + life in America, I decided that it might be a helpful list to share publicly, so that you all can know where I'm coming from. So here they are: 

My Core Values in 2023*

  • Presence 
  • Joy
  • Integrity
  • Serenity
  • Stewardship
  • Respect
  • Outdoorism

* subject to change or refinement at any time

What do you value?

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