Present Mission

Present's mission is to Spread Earth Love. 

Present Guidelines

1) Show Up.

2) Pay Attention.

3) Be Honest.

4) Don’t be attached to the result.

[Thanks to pastor Ed Bacon, from All Saints Church.]

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Present is an Adventure Gift Store™ in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains, established in November 2020.

Located in Boulder Creek, California, our small town shop offers local gifts, souvenirs, apparel, accessories, stickers, stationery, home + travel goods that promote environmental sustainability, equity, getting outdoors, small business, conscious living + our local community. 

Make Change: One Adventure at a Time

Present's mission is ultimately to inspire more earth love in order to fuel motivation to address our earth crisis. I believe that the more time people spend outdoors, the more folks will care + take action. Nature nurtures (if we let her!) so let's nurture Nature. As a direct contribution, I donate + volunteer at least monthly to various local + environmental non-profits.

In order to be truly successful in this effort though, we need to help remove barriers, become boundary spanners, and promote equity, indigenous rights, small business, outdoor activity, and conscious living.

Every minute, emotion or dollar we spend is a vote for a certain future; let's spend wisely.

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Robert Swan

Check out our Volunteer or Donate page for a list of our initial contributions and organizations we volunteer with. 

    Love your Mother tin candle in the mountain outdors

    Roots of change run deep. Similar to a redwood ecosystem, all environmental efforts are complexly intertwined with human rights. In order to allocate energy towards our earth crisis, we first need to align as a species on equitable social structures, that allow every human an opportunity to thrive, with equal access to all resources, including open spaces.

    As a local retailer, we have an opportunity to help remove barriers and become boundary spanners. Getting outdoors can be intimidating; we aim to make your local wild more welcoming. As a Peninsula Open Space Trust Outings Leader and former Adventure Travel Guide, Jackie is happy to discuss local adventures with you anytime.

    We have passion for promoting our community and providing sustainable adventure guidance. Donations and business development over time will continue to reflect this goal and our mission and values.

    Additionally many of our suppliers are also agents for change, including: 

    Many of our suppliers are small local, women, LGBTQ and/or black-owned businesses. These attributes are highlighted on our product pages. If you know of any great brands we should work with, please reach out

      Together united, we can be a beacon of hope.

      Thanks for showing up!

      Check out these pages for more information about Present Story, Values + Team

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